UVAC / Self-cleaning surface coating

The translucid and highly photocatalytic dispersions of the LS100 family have found an immediate application in the construction industry, such as in self-cleaning coatings for outdoor surfaces (walls/terraces/roofs).

Lotus Synthesis has partnered with a specialized formulator to market UVAC, our own brand of self-cleaning coatings.

It is a stable, transparent, and colorless coating. It is easy to apply by spray. Once exposed to direct sunlight, it destroys organic particulate matter (soot, urban pollution, pollen, traces of leaves, tannins, and oil) and prevents the development of mildew, mold, mosses, lichens, and algae.

The UVAC family includes several products to fit the nature of the surface to be coated. It can be applied on the cleaned surfaces of new or older buildings.


It works on porous surfaces such as concrete, stone, tile, wood, plaster or on nonporous surfaces, like plastic or aluminum.

Industrial quantities are available on request. The active ingredient is manufactured by Lotus Synthesis. The formulated coating is manufactured by our partner's factory in France.



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