Welcome to Lotus Synthesis



Our newly created, innovative company is the culmination of more than 15 years of experience and research into the intersection of molecular engineering and high-level chemistry.


We have acquired experience and expertise in different research laboratories, particularly at the Institute of Research on Catalysis and Environment in Lyon, France (IRCELYON). IRCELYON is a joint venture between Claude Bernard University (Lyon 1) and the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).


The universe of nanotechnology is immense, and the scope of application continues to expand. Lotus Synthesis dedicates itself to the continuous development of expertise in molecular design and synthesis, and to the production of nanoparticles for various industrial applications.


Our invaluable experience, along with our patented technology, allows us to prepare customized products through a controlled process (i.e., Sol-Gel). We manufacture our products with a true concern for personal safety (i.e., no handling of dry powders) and a mindful approach to their environmental impact by primarily using water as a solvent.


Our team members are available to answer your questions and to meet specific challenges in the development of your products. Please enjoy our website, and do not hesitate to contact us!



The Lotus Synthesis team